Pedagogy in the classrooms

On 28th November, I took up a workshop on Pedagogy in the classrooms at Vinay International school. The principal lost no time to upload the workshop pictures on to the FB. An interactive session it was, The audience was introduced to Problem-solving, JigSaw and From problem tree to solution tree techniques.  a quick look atContinue reading “Pedagogy in the classrooms”

Teacher as a Mentor

On Saturday, November 18, 2023 I got an opportunity to conduct an upskilling workshop on Teacher as a mentor for the teachers of St.Paul High School courtesy ABEA. It was an interactive and a memorable session .   The enthusiasm and the willingness to learn shown  by the  teachers was heart warming. If a similar responseContinue reading “Teacher as a Mentor”

Embracing the Culture of Education 

This paper was presented on the platform of Metamorphosis on September 14, 2023. The topic is vast and I have condensed it to cover a few points relevant from the presentation point of view. Ancient India – A quick look India was a land of rich heritage and culture. The Greeks, the Huns entered theContinue reading “Embracing the Culture of Education “

Embracing the culture of Life Long learning

On 6th September, I had the opportunity to speak on ‘Embracing the culture of life long learning’ under  the aegis of Metamorphosis. Here is the transcript. Let’s look around us. The world has changed. The transport system be it train, bus or car are not what they were 50 years ago. There is a changeContinue reading “Embracing the culture of Life Long learning”

From Rote Learning to Independent learning

Paper presented at the Panel discussion held at SIES school, Mumbai on 31st August, 2023. “The ability to learn by oneself is the greatest gift any teacher can give a learner; indeed it is the ultimate aim of all education”. After the exam, if we ask students any questions, they will go unanswered. The reasonContinue reading “From Rote Learning to Independent learning”

Teacher Efficiency and CLassroom

I had an interesting workshop on August 25, 2023 at St. Lawrence High School, Santacruz West on Teacher effectiveness. All of us have a favourite teacher who has influenced us to be what we are. Teacher effectiveness is distinct from teacher qualifications. It deals with Commitment to improved learning for all students. Use of evidenceContinue reading “Teacher Efficiency and CLassroom”

4 Corners of Education – Learning Network

  ‘The beautiful thing about Learning is that no one can take it away from you’. Annonymous To start with let’s understand the topic right. Learning is a permanent change in behaviour consequent to an experience or practice. Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. HolisticContinue reading “4 Corners of Education – Learning Network”

Enhancement of learning

I got an opportunity to conduct a session for the teachers of Vidya Niketan school, Dombivali on June 23, 2023 Why do children fail? What makes them interested in studies? How to get them to collaborate are some of the doubts we harbour, This session dealt with these aspects and what learning is and howContinue reading “Enhancement of learning”

Assessments and Rubric

No teaching-learning process is complete without assessment. The educators may hold different views on student engagement. So, the criteria have to be defined clearly. As per NEP, assessment is something that we as educators would require to focus upon. In order to understand the 360-degree report structure, we first need to understand different kinds ofContinue reading “Assessments and Rubric”

Rethinking School as an ecosytem

A School is compared to an ecosystem… What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is defined as a community of living organisms and non-living components in an environment. There are primary, secondary and may be tertiary consumers and producers. It is a continuous cycle… School ecosystem can be categorised as follows: The ecological systems theory byContinue reading “Rethinking School as an ecosytem”