Competency Based Learning

On 29th at Jamnagar, I had the opportunity to conduct a Competency-based Learning workshop. It was the school that belonged to the king of Jamnagar.  It was a slightly difficult time for me because, I had to toggle between English and Hindi. In view of this merging, there were nearly 200 people and it wasContinue reading “Competency Based Learning”

Pedagogy in the classrooms

On 28th November, I took up a workshop on Pedagogy in the classrooms at Vinay International school. The principal lost no time to upload the workshop pictures on to the FB. An interactive session it was, The audience was introduced to Problem-solving, JigSaw and From problem tree to solution tree techniques.  a quick look atContinue reading “Pedagogy in the classrooms”

Enhancement of Learning

On November 25, I had an opportunity to conduct a workshop on the Enhancement of Learning at Dhabade, a few hours’ drive from Nasik at the Rajiv Gandhi International School. Teachers were interested and keen to learn—a few glimpses from this school.

A plausible solution to a nagging problem!

‘How can I do this? I have so much portion to complete’. This has always been the complaint of our teachers. Why do the teachers refer to the textbook as the bible? Syllabus completion seems to be the only concern with the teachers. With the NEP 2022 and the NCF the understanding is slowly butContinue reading “A plausible solution to a nagging problem!”

Navneet TOP Tech conclave 2023

All roads led to the venue ITC Maratha to attend the Top Tech conclave 2023 on 21st October, 2023. . I was happy to note that the principlal’s enjoyed the workshop ‘ Guiding Principles for Effective Leadership in a Learning Organisation’ developed by Peter Senge. It was a tough task to wrap it up inContinue reading “Navneet TOP Tech conclave 2023”

A call to Mom

While doing the Pre- Diwali cleaning I found this poem. A young Jawan calls his mom from the war front. clearly  it is not the time of mobile phones! It was writteen as early ass June 1999! Hello! Hello! Mom?.. Its me… Can you hear me? Don’t cry mom I am fine. Yes, the shellingContinue reading “A call to Mom”

Honesty in Education

Honesty is a fundamental pillar of the educational process. It plays a vital role in shaping the character of both educators and learners, and it underpins the very essence of the pursuit of knowledge. When honesty is upheld, it forms the bedrock of trust between educators, students, and institutions. It creates a safe environment forContinue reading “Honesty in Education”

Panchakosha Vikas (Five-fold Development) – A keystone in Indian tradition

This is a sequel to the earlier posts wherein I had compared the pramanas with the current pedagogical techniques. In this post I shall be dealing with the panchakoshas and the overall development of an individual. I have compared the Panchakoshas to the development in early childhood. The koshas are perceived as the energetic layersContinue reading “Panchakosha Vikas (Five-fold Development) – A keystone in Indian tradition”

Indian School of thought in National Curriculum Framework

The new Education policy and the subsequent National Curriculum Framework focuses on teaching the Indian school of thought. I enjoyed studying it. But, as a teacher educator I realise teachers are probably worried as to how to integrate these into their lesson plans. If teachers are worried, can parents be far behind? Check it out.Continue reading “Indian School of thought in National Curriculum Framework”

Embracing the Culture of Education 

This paper was presented on the platform of Metamorphosis on September 14, 2023. The topic is vast and I have condensed it to cover a few points relevant from the presentation point of view. Ancient India – A quick look India was a land of rich heritage and culture. The Greeks, the Huns entered theContinue reading “Embracing the Culture of Education “

Mathematics Simplified

Aims and objectives of teaching mathematics Keeping in perspective the fear of mathematics that is found among the children, it is necessary to plan school mathematics in such a way that children enjoy learning of mathematics. Understanding when and how a mathematical technique is to be used is always more important than recalling the techniqueContinue reading “Mathematics Simplified”