Indian School of thought in National Curriculum Framework

The new Education policy and the subsequent National Curriculum Framework focuses on teaching the Indian school of thought. I enjoyed studying it. But, as a teacher educator I realise teachers are probably worried as to how to integrate these into their lesson plans. If teachers are worried, can parents be far behind? Check it out.Continue reading “Indian School of thought in National Curriculum Framework”

Upbringing children – A few Sensibilities

Natural law is a theory of ethics that says that reasoning and behaviour of human beings depend on those intrinsic values that govern us. It also states that there are universal moral standards that are seen across time periods and societies / communities because these standards form the basis of a society. Since natural lawContinue reading “Upbringing children – A few Sensibilities”

Ask me one – Questioning skill for an Inquiry Classroom

Questioning skills are the core of learning. Asking questions is the simplest way to focus thinking. This module deals with types of questions, pitfalls to avoid for teachers and analysis of questions. If you are interested in getting your school teachers to learn more contact:

Principalship and student learning

Having spent over 40 years in the field of academics with 18 years as a Principal, there were a few questions that were unanswered in my mind. After retirement, I started looking for those answers. Here is what I found. Does the Principal’s leadership influence student learning? A teacher’s influence on a student is moreContinue reading “Principalship and student learning”

Rethinking School as an ecosytem

A School is compared to an ecosystem… What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is defined as a community of living organisms and non-living components in an environment. There are primary, secondary and may be tertiary consumers and producers. It is a continuous cycle… School ecosystem can be categorised as follows: The ecological systems theory byContinue reading “Rethinking School as an ecosytem”