A Study on classroom Management…

Nov 10, 2018 – JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT. Multi-disciplinary …. Dr. Pramila Kudva. 374. A STUDY ON classroom Management… Vol-8, No.16, December 2018. http://www.journaledudev.in/journal/Vol-8%20Dec%202018.pdf

Vedic Mathematics

Hey students, Upto which table do you know? At least Upto 10, awesome! You have crossed the mountain! 😀😁🙂 Don’t worry for the rest of the tables! From 10th to 99th, any table, very easy! I didn’t know this. Because this vedic mathematics was not taught to us in schools of this country ! HowContinue reading “Vedic Mathematics”

Types of Ecosystems

Types of Ecosystems A school deals with students, parents, caregivers, community, societal and cultural values. In other words, each of these components forms a dynamic aspect of the ecosystem. So, no two schools can be the same. They may have the same philosophy, vision and mission statements but may differ slightly in the ethos andContinue reading “Types of Ecosystems”

Dr. Marker

Dr. Marker – You will not be forgotten by the likes of me. Year 1989. I had just joined as a teacher with Leelavati Podar school, Santacruz and Dr.Mrs. Marker was my principal. There was a need for a Hindi teacher and she wanted me to exchange classes with a teacher of grade one whoContinue reading “Dr. Marker”

Lions of Gir

The Gir Forests located in the State of Guajarat, in India is the last abode of the big and regal predator, Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica).

The forest area is closed for public during the monsoon. The lions are used to human beings moving in safaris that they nonchalantly walk their way through the traffic.

Bid Adieu….

A student writes back…I bid the school a teary goodbye in 2017. I thought I had years to go before I would be called to an alumni reunion and get to meet every single person who’d pushed me for years to be a better version of myself. What is a mediocre student in an institutionContinue reading “Bid Adieu….”

At a conference with my colleague at Mathura – A Sojourn

The term had been hectic and it was a welcome change to get away to attend a conference. Two colleagues with similar likes and dislikes reached the station at Bombay Central. The agent supposedly confirmed the tickets, which were ‘reservation against cancellation’. But, the apprehension could melt away only on seeing the names in theContinue reading “At a conference with my colleague at Mathura – A Sojourn”


Evaluation of the answer sheetsA matter of grave concern,Not only to the studentAlso to the teacher.Whilst most students puke out the memorized matter,Walk away without tension,Some others await the result with apprehension. Teachers belong to an esoteric species,They belong to a profession noble,Although nobility rests with only a few,In the present days of democracy,The commonerContinue reading “Evaluation”

Practice Teaching

Practice-teaching ingrains the intricacies of teaching,Teacher trainee matures through the grind.The trainer observes the lessons meticulously,Enjoys the well delivered lessons,Tolerates the mediocre onesAnd suffers through the others. Some trainees appear confident,Others nervous,Some exuberant,A few others shy,An observer gets a fair assortment. Although the product dependsNot entirely on skills,The pedagogy is drilled in.Skills get honed overContinue reading “Practice Teaching”

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