Teacher as a Mentor

On Saturday, November 18, 2023 I got an opportunity to conduct an upskilling workshop on Teacher as a mentor for the teachers of St.Paul High School courtesy ABEA. It was an interactive and a memorable session .   The enthusiasm and the willingness to learn shown  by the  teachers was heart warming. If a similar responseContinue reading “Teacher as a Mentor”

A plausible solution to a nagging problem!

‘How can I do this? I have so much portion to complete’. This has always been the complaint of our teachers. Why do the teachers refer to the textbook as the bible? Syllabus completion seems to be the only concern with the teachers. With the NEP 2022 and the NCF the understanding is slowly butContinue reading “A plausible solution to a nagging problem!”

Indian School of thought in National Curriculum Framework

The new Education policy and the subsequent National Curriculum Framework focuses on teaching the Indian school of thought. I enjoyed studying it. But, as a teacher educator I realise teachers are probably worried as to how to integrate these into their lesson plans. If teachers are worried, can parents be far behind? Check it out.Continue reading “Indian School of thought in National Curriculum Framework”

Embracing the Culture of Education 

This paper was presented on the platform of Metamorphosis on September 14, 2023. The topic is vast and I have condensed it to cover a few points relevant from the presentation point of view. Ancient India – A quick look India was a land of rich heritage and culture. The Greeks, the Huns entered theContinue reading “Embracing the Culture of Education “

Implementation of emerging apps in classrooms

Under the aegis of Metamorphosis, I had an opportunity to talk on the topic of the ‘Implementation of emerging apps in classrooms’. Here is the text of the talk and the link to the Facebook page is given below the text. Let me take you back to the COVID days. Lockdown has brought an endContinue reading “Implementation of emerging apps in classrooms”

Bloom’s Taxonomy through Experiential Learning

  Testimonial – Sonali Desai, Co-ordinator Primary, Pawar public school, Kandivali. The workshop was very interesting and the content was informative. We as teachers do ask questions but it was Ma’am who helped us to understand the different categories of questions by using the 5 wise men wisely. The group activity was engaging and helpedContinue reading “Bloom’s Taxonomy through Experiential Learning”

Dr. Pramila Kudva speaks on Human mind and Body connect

Dr. Pramila Kudva is invited to speak at the Education and change makers conclave on the topic Human mind and body connect. Le me start by telling you a story. Tom a 17 year old was driving home after his soccer match. Out of nowhere came a car from the front straight into him. BrakesContinue reading “Dr. Pramila Kudva speaks on Human mind and Body connect”

An Eternal Learner

  “ANYONE WHO STOPS LEARNING IS OLD, WHETHER AT TWENTY OR EIGHTY.” —HENRY FORD According to the socio-cultural theory of Vygotsky, learning starts from the interactions at the social level and then it gets carried to individual selves. In other words, these thought processes can be bundled under the theory of constructivism, which serves asContinue reading “An Eternal Learner”

Season 3 Episode 1 By public demand – Humour in the classroom

Humour is an important facet of life. It helps in the physical, emotional and social life of an individual. No wonder then the idiom says you laugh and the world laughs with you. https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/ANlhxgjltvb

Season 3 – Episode 2 – By Popular demand – Be wise not otherwise

Which is better to have wisdom or knowledge? Can you have one without the other? And which comes first? Knowledge comes first. what is the difference between the two? : “Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.” Listen in and find out the difference for yourself. https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/f5PVep2ktvb