From Rote Learning to Independent learning

Paper presented at the Panel discussion held at SIES school, Mumbai on 31st August, 2023. “The ability to learn by oneself is the greatest gift any teacher can give a learner; indeed it is the ultimate aim of all education”. After the exam, if we ask students any questions, they will go unanswered. The reasonContinue reading “From Rote Learning to Independent learning”

“Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence”

        In “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence,” Daniel Goleman presents the nuances of life using cutting-edge scientific research and case studies from varied fields such as education, the arts, sports, and business. Focus is always the necessary quality more so now with innumerable distractions. He discusses at length on how theContinue reading ““Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence””

Upbringing children – A few Sensibilities

Natural law is a theory of ethics that says that reasoning and behaviour of human beings depend on those intrinsic values that govern us. It also states that there are universal moral standards that are seen across time periods and societies / communities because these standards form the basis of a society. Since natural lawContinue reading “Upbringing children – A few Sensibilities”

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

      The book is well-researched and written in a simple language embellished with real-life stories. It delves into the depths of why we do what we do and how to change. The first part deals with the habits of individuals, second with those of organisations and the third with those of societies. EveryContinue reading “The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg”

Surface Learning

Iceberg seen above the water can be likened to surface learning Surface learning deals with factual information or surface knowledge that is a prerequisite for deep learning most of the time. To be effective, learning must be active. Effective and active learning are interdependent and can be looked upon as two sides of the same coin.Continue reading “Surface Learning”

Deep Learning

According to Prof. John Hattie, the most significant effect on student learning is when teachers become learners of their teaching and when students become their teachers”. Deep learning and Surface learning Deep learning takes us from Lower-level thinking to higher-level thinking like analysis, creativity, and beyond. If the Physical education teacher knows how many kidsContinue reading “Deep Learning”

Season 1 Episode 3 Social Responsibility Social responsibility is an ethical theory in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, and the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society. Often, the ethical implications of a decision/action are overlooked for personal gain. The episode deals with two stories – Greta Thunberg and Malala yousufzai. It alsoContinue reading “Season 1 Episode 3 Social Responsibility”

Season 1 Episode 2 Humility

Humility is a virtue that leaders need to possess. It is not, however,  looked upon as a quality by most individuals. The humility is explained with the help of a story from Rmayana and linked to the present context. Send in a voice message:

Season 1 Episode 1 Sensitivity

We need to focus on values and character formation as an important aspect of development. words are like arrows. once it leaves the quiver it cannot be taken back. Sensitivity is to be honed into our kids at a young age. The concept is woven through a true story written by a father about hisContinue reading “Season 1 Episode 1 Sensitivity”

Ask me one – Questioning skill for an Inquiry Classroom

Questioning skills are the core of learning. Asking questions is the simplest way to focus thinking. This module deals with types of questions, pitfalls to avoid for teachers and analysis of questions. If you are interested in getting your school teachers to learn more contact:


Some old, some young, Some from Mumbai, Some from Pune, A few from Bengalore & Kochi, A few from Gujarat & Goa, Not to leave the gulf countries, Made up a group that visited Egypt. Team leader Yogesh, With a smiling disposition, And a soft demeanor, Needs to be a little more assertive, And dealContinue reading “Egypt”

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