Season 3 Episode 7 Hampi the UNESCO heritage site

Hampi is situated in Karnataka state is the glory of the Vijaynagarr empire of 15th century. I have focussed on the structures of the site. As per the ICSE , the grade 7 has this in their syllabus. You can watch the you tube video of the same at Enjoy the same. connect withContinue reading “Season 3 Episode 7 Hampi the UNESCO heritage site”

Season 3 Episode 10 Entrepreneurial youngsters

Two young girls from grade 8 dream big and want to be entrepreneurial environmentalists. They competed in the contest conducted by Up-Tix. The contest started with 196 teams pan India and reached the final stage with 7 teams. Yana Bhandary and Nishka Garg entered the contest with a revenue model and won first place. IfContinue reading “Season 3 Episode 10 Entrepreneurial youngsters”

Season 3 Episode 11 – Up-cycling of plastic waste

Environmental degradation has been a cause of concern the world over. This young enthusiastic environmentalist has been collecting plastic waste and upcycling it. The American returned enthusiast is contributing don’t only to environmental sustainability but also to providing employment to the tribal villagers. The Recharaka Ecosocial sells. the produce cultivated by them. If you likeContinue reading “Season 3 Episode 11 – Up-cycling of plastic waste”

Season 3 – Episode 14 – Responsible Citizenry

Grab the power of a story to create awareness of social issues. Use the dialogues of Bollywood to drive home a point. Use the medium of colours to beautify your locality. Reduce the carbon footprint by using and recycling bicycles. These are some of the issues dealt with by the Soch sayani group. The responsibilitiesContinue reading “Season 3 – Episode 14 – Responsible Citizenry”

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