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An engrossing and comprehensive book for all teachers..

My book From Chalk to Talk The Art of teaching completes two years on August 22nd. Here is a glimpse of what the book entails from the readers perspective. .

My First Book 

The title of the book ‘From Chalk to Talk The Art of Teaching’ is self-explanatory. It highlights the skills of teaching for teachers and teacher educators across disciplines. It is a practical guide to bring in an interactive process of teaching-learning practices that lead to a thinking system. The book is published by and is modestly priced at Rs. 510/ – covering more than 450 pages.

The book ‘From Chalk to Talk’ unfolds the process of learning with theories and taxonomy with suitable examples as a curtain raiser. A lesson plan is a detailed step-by-step guide that outlines the teacher’s objectives and the learning experiences that the teacher would plan to achieve which will reflect in the learning outcomes of the student. It entails the activities that the teacher must do before, during and after teaching. In short, the entire teaching learning process is captured in a lesson plan. Trajectory of learning deals with several lesson plans using varying techniques.

It moves on to the classroom engagement elaborating the characteristics and principles of assessment culminating in the various modern techniques of assessment with guidelines.

The teacher is often fearful of the diversity of learners. The concept of diversity is simplified and focusses on multicultural education which is the need of the hour in India.

The book lives up to its title – the chapter 5 on teaching learning processes covers more than 200 pages of teaching.

Collaborative techniques with high retention and others which have low retention. are dealt with in detail.

Technology in the field of Education is given adequate coverage. The chapter on distance learning provides an overview from the History to modern distance learning. Finally, the book analyses teaching as a profession.

Feedback 1

Dr. Urmi Sampat, Former Principal, H.J.College of Education, Mumbai

From Chalk to Talk is a very well conceptualised book. This book is a curtain raiser highlighting the skills of teaching for teachers and teacher educators across disciplines. It is a practical guide to bring in an interactive process of teaching-learning practices that lead to a thinking system. It also provides a backgrounder on learning process, taxonomy of learning and several lesson plans to refer to. Assessment techniques and ICTs are also provided for ready reference. The book has provided innumerable examples to overcome the hurdles that a teacher can face. There are several teaching techniques with examples to use in the classroom.

I believe this book is a must as a teacher reference material in the library. Each chapter is followed up with key learnings, snippets, exercises and references.

Feedback 2

Dr. Hemalata Chari Former Deputy Director- Academic, IDOL University of Mumbai


Dr Pramila Kudva’s book ” from chalk to talk” is a curtain raiser highlighting the skills in teaching for teachers, teacher educators across discipline.

Dr. Kudva’s more than 30 years of experience at various levels as a teacher is evident in this book. Her experience and expertise is incorporated in this book. educator and principal

Dr. Kudva has walked through the history of teaching and various methodology that can assist any teacher or a teacher educator. Her book encompasses the national scenario and is useful from the global perspectives too. She has detailed each chapter with examples that are relevant in today’s scenario. The best part of this book is there are no boundaries in learning , the book is valuable and a bible for the teaching arena from secondary education to higher education. This is a must in all teaching institutes and preferably with all teachers. I wish to thank Dr. Kudva for penning her thought in the form of a book.

I wish her success.

Father Crispino D’souza, sdb, Director.Don Bosco InternationalSchool, Matunga, Mumbai

‘From Chalk to Talk’ is Dr. Pramila Kudva’s recently released book exploring the art of teaching. From the size of the book it is evident that Dr. Kudva has indeed gathered her experience of over 30 years in the education sector and compiled it as one.

At first glance, it may appear like a ready reckoner for those embarking on a career in teaching but ‘From Chalk to Talk’ is more than that. In her attempt to document her experience in the field of teaching, she has provided a bit of history of teaching methods through the ages as well as taken us through a phase of evolution in pedagogical techniques right up to the present day where dissemination of information is quick and students need to be kept engaged in the classroom, giving their ability to think critically.

They say, ‘Don’t judge a book by the cover’ but this book not only has a very attractive cover but its contents are well documented, covering every aspect of teaching, in an easy-to-read style.


Feedback 4

Book review by Dr. Preeti Sachdev, Hon. Secretary World Education Fellowship, Indian chapter

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Book Review published in the Hindu at School


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