A story for your query – A Trailer

Dr. Pramila Kudva presents a Story fo your query that addressses the concerns of students, teachers and parents thorugh stories. These concens could be sosmething that one felt but didnt know whom to ask. Stories are a strong medium of expression and using these the queries are answered explaining the indian ethos in perspective.  —Continue reading “A story for your query – A Trailer”

Purpose, Meaning and Happiness in Life

I want to find the Purpose, Meaning and Happiness in life. Positive psychology research suggests that Happiness and Meaning are essential for the wellbeing. Is this the purpose? May be not every time. The pursuit of happiness and meaning are two of our most central motivations in life. Happiness and meaning are strongly co-related to oneContinue reading “Purpose, Meaning and Happiness in Life”

Other Publications

Academic Buzz groups as a technique to develop socio-emotional learning, Teacher Plus, August 2020. Optimally utilizing teaching mkments, The Progressive Teacher, February 4, 2020 Teaching for Deep Learning, Teacher Plus, January 2020. Contextual and constructive learning, Teacher Plus, February 2019. Dealing with Summer Learning Loss, Teacher, the Professional Development community for Educators, October – DecemberContinue reading “Other Publications”

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