My Mumbai

Quiet solitude – a mirage in today’s complex society, The hubbub of life- the noisy over crowded suburban trains, The traffic bottle necks and the multitude of crowds that pass through these, The noise that pours forth then, is the very essence of a metropolis’life. The working mother who potters about in the kitchen, HurryingContinue reading “My Mumbai”


A long line to place calls home The majestic snow covered mountains, A symbol of peace and tranquility Have undergone a transformation. The echoing of the guns, The air raid sirens,  the cry of the wounded Reverberate through the air, Pierce the stillness. The young soldiers  Barely out of their teens Appear tough in theirContinue reading “Kargil”

A New Found Happiness

With sparkling eyes and a smile on her lips, She came prancing up the steps to me, ‘Mama’ she said, ‘I love you’. A few summers later, With the same sparkle in her eyes, She walked down the aisle, Leaning on the arm of her new found love, ‘Mama’, she said, ‘I love you but,Continue reading “A New Found Happiness”

A Beacon of Light

I was floundering in the dark Lost in the myriad of chores Which engulf the house-wife. A beacon of light beckoned A change of life emanated. I was grilled and tested time and again. At times with composure, Most often than not. A trial of strength the life unfolded, A few mistaken steps & aContinue reading “A Beacon of Light”

Blissful Days

The pleasant morning breeze Caressed the face with a gentleness Unique to the monsoon season. A tiny droplet Fell on the eyelie A touch so light That flickered only the lashes. The lungs swelled with  The fragrance of Mother Earth. The swaying palms That appeared to beckon the rains, Filled the heart with fond memories.Continue reading “Blissful Days”


Evaluation of the answer sheetsA matter of grave concern,Not only to the studentAlso to the teacher.Whilst most students puke out the memorized matter,Walk away without tension,Some others await the result with apprehension. Teachers belong to an esoteric species,They belong to a profession noble,Although nobility rests with only a few,In the present days of democracy,The commonerContinue reading “Evaluation”

Practice Teaching

Practice-teaching ingrains the intricacies of teaching,Teacher trainee matures through the grind.The trainer observes the lessons meticulously,Enjoys the well delivered lessons,Tolerates the mediocre onesAnd suffers through the others. Some trainees appear confident,Others nervous,Some exuberant,A few others shy,An observer gets a fair assortment. Although the product dependsNot entirely on skills,The pedagogy is drilled in.Skills get honed overContinue reading “Practice Teaching”

Teaching profession

Teaching profession a noble profession Or so it was said…. The roles changed over a period, Expectations have gone up, Demands have increased, Capable people turned a Nelson’s eye, Public opinion turned sour, Where lies the problem? No accountability, Poor pay scales offer no incentives, Teaching shops – coaching classes, Offer poor substitution. Man cannotContinue reading “Teaching profession”

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