Bid Adieu….

A student writes back…I bid the school a teary goodbye in 2017. I thought I had years to go before I would be called to an alumni reunion and get to meet every single person who’d pushed me for years to be a better version of myself. What is a mediocre student in an institutionContinue reading “Bid Adieu….”

At a conference with my colleague at Mathura – A Sojourn

The term had been hectic and it was a welcome change to get away to attend a conference. Two colleagues with similar likes and dislikes reached the station at Bombay Central. The agent supposedly confirmed the tickets, which were ‘reservation against cancellation’. But, the apprehension could melt away only on seeing the names in theContinue reading “At a conference with my colleague at Mathura – A Sojourn”

Learning Moments

After nearly, thirteen years of looking after the home front, I decided to step out as a career woman. I underwent a training course to equip myself for the job of a teacher and got one too.  The first week was a trying period. A science lesson was in progress. Suddenly, one of the bright sparksContinue reading “Learning Moments”

Sunita has a green thumb

Sunita Mallya, my mom had a green thumb. She wanted to do some gardening. A huge bungalow with a lot of space in front and at the back at the police quarters in Mysore. Two small children. A husband who kept to odd hours. Needed help – a gardener perhaps! After much goading, her husbandContinue reading “Sunita has a green thumb”