The interview with the Author – yours truly!

How did the book From Chalk to Talk The Art of Teaching see the light of the day? find out in the interview. Check out the link – More about ME. The interview with the author My Legend interview with Academician Dr. PramilaKudva Trry out. the Podcast too. And here is the AnchorContinue reading “The interview with the Author – yours truly!”

Women in Indian Mythology and some of today’s Power Puff Women

Women in Indian Mythology and some of today’s Power Puff Women. Ramdas Shenoyy decodes women in Indian Mythology and stories from Indian mythology has a rich depiction of some powerful women with distinct and unique characteristics. The beauty is that we have such women even now, who have some of these unique strength andContinue reading “Women in Indian Mythology and some of today’s Power Puff Women”

Collaboration through Twinning Programme

As per NEP 2020 Close collaboration is recommended among schools within a School Complex as it will reduce teacher isolation experienced by teachers working in smaller schools and create vibrant teacher communities that work collaboratively sharing their best teaching practices. Maharashtra Govt has initiated the Quality Development Program in collaboration with Sagun Vikas Program – it isContinue reading “Collaboration through Twinning Programme”

Types of Ecosystems

Types of Ecosystems A school deals with students, parents, caregivers, community, societal and cultural values. In other words, each of these components forms a dynamic aspect of the ecosystem. So, no two schools can be the same. They may have the same philosophy, vision and mission statements but may differ slightly in the ethos andContinue reading “Types of Ecosystems”

Environmental Education through Mythology

About 2 million years ago, when humans changed from hunters and gatherers to producers, they began to change the environment to suit their requirements. Their ability to grow food and breed domestic anima ls led to a change of the natural systems into productive ones. The environmental Education was infused through mythological stories mainly atContinue reading “Environmental Education through Mythology”

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