“Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence”

        In “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence,” Daniel Goleman presents the nuances of life using cutting-edge scientific research and case studies from varied fields such as education, the arts, sports, and business. Focus is always the necessary quality more so now with innumerable distractions. He discusses at length on how theContinue reading ““Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence””

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

      The book is well-researched and written in a simple language embellished with real-life stories. It delves into the depths of why we do what we do and how to change. The first part deals with the habits of individuals, second with those of organisations and the third with those of societies. EveryContinue reading “The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg”

On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis

The style of writing is lucid and engaging. Concepts are explained with several examples to drive home a point. the author refers to the book ‘No Limits to learning: Bridging the Human Gap’ by James W. Botkin et al and describes two principal modes of conventional learning. Maintenance learning is the acquisition of fixed outlook,Continue reading “On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis”

The Art of Systems Thinking

The book explains at length what is a system and the significance of systems thinking. Feedback is fundamental in the Systems. No feedback, no system. The book is divided into clear divisions viz.  The concept of system explained at length, the feedback system, mental models, learning as a system, thinking as a system and finallyContinue reading “The Art of Systems Thinking”

The Science of Self Talk

The book is written in a lucid style meant for anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of personality. It delves into the concept of self talk – It could be negative or positive; based on the past or on the future. It hammers home the point that one should listen to the self-talk and identify theContinue reading “The Science of Self Talk”

Love and The Turning Seasons: India’s Poetry of Spiritual & Erotic Longing by Andrew Schelling

Love and The Turning Seasons: India’s Poetry of Spiritual & Erotic Longing by Andrew Schelling The book has been well researched. the text made good reading but the poems did not. perhaps the vernacular poems would have made a better impact. don’t know. I wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone to buy.

Today I am Carey by Martin Shoemaker

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book that spanned over 3 generations of family saga. the author has touched on the fine points of the relationships subtly through the eyes of a humanoid who has the sensitivity to deal with it all. The Alzheimer’s disease and its concerns were dealt with sensitivity. the joys of childhoodContinue reading “Today I am Carey by Martin Shoemaker”

The Subtle art of not giving a *uck by Mark Manson

Read the book don’t get put off by the title. I set aside the book after reading the first few pages saying it’s not worth a read since every second sentence had the F word. The title has over 5 million copies sold. All of them could not be wrong! Curiosity got the better ofContinue reading “The Subtle art of not giving a *uck by Mark Manson”

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