Teacher Efficiency and CLassroom

I had an interesting workshop on August 25, 2023 at St. Lawrence High School, Santacruz West on Teacher effectiveness. All of us have a favourite teacher who has influenced us to be what we are. Teacher effectiveness is distinct from teacher qualifications. It deals with Commitment to improved learning for all students. Use of evidenceContinue reading “Teacher Efficiency and CLassroom”

Innovative techniques are the need of the hour. Only teacher talk and an interactive board may not hold the interest of the students. The content should be presented in a manner that evokes the curiosity of the learner. Innovation generally refers to changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas. What leads to innovation?Continue reading

Enhancement of learning

I got an opportunity to conduct a session for the teachers of Vidya Niketan school, Dombivali on June 23, 2023 Why do children fail? What makes them interested in studies? How to get them to collaborate are some of the doubts we harbour, This session dealt with these aspects and what learning is and howContinue reading “Enhancement of learning”

Competency based learning

  Teaching competency-based learning involves a student-centred approach that focuses on the development of specific skills and abilities. The feedback should be specific and prompt, and the activities and the teaching-learning processes should be conducive to eliciting the responses that lead to the Learning outcomes and the corresponding competencies. It was a delight doing thisContinue reading “Competency based learning”

Bloom’s Taxonomy through Experiential Learning

  Testimonial – Sonali Desai, Co-ordinator Primary, Pawar public school, Kandivali. The workshop was very interesting and the content was informative. We as teachers do ask questions but it was Ma’am who helped us to understand the different categories of questions by using the 5 wise men wisely. The group activity was engaging and helpedContinue reading “Bloom’s Taxonomy through Experiential Learning”

Ask me one – Questioning skill for an Inquiry Classroom

Questioning skills are the core of learning. Asking questions is the simplest way to focus thinking. This module deals with types of questions, pitfalls to avoid for teachers and analysis of questions. If you are interested in getting your school teachers to learn more contact: yourquerymystory@gmail.com

A Healthy Mindset

Spoke on a healthy mindset at the online webinar conducted by Metamorphosis on 19th May, 2023. Let me start with an anecdote: Once a young man was sitting at the beach very upset in life. It looked like he was planning to end his life. Just then he heard a voice come on just oneContinue reading “A Healthy Mindset”

Role of home and school in carving out the personality of the child

  Topic: Are the parents and teachers well equippedwith the approach to education? I would like all of you to close your eyes and think of your favourite teacher for a minute. What did you recall? Teacher was a disciplinarian, had an excellent way of teaching, had good content knowledge and a caring nature? EducationContinue reading “Role of home and school in carving out the personality of the child”

Dr. Pramila Kudva speaks on Human mind and Body connect

Dr. Pramila Kudva is invited to speak at the Education and change makers conclave on the topic Human mind and body connect. Le me start by telling you a story. Tom a 17 year old was driving home after his soccer match. Out of nowhere came a car from the front straight into him. BrakesContinue reading “Dr. Pramila Kudva speaks on Human mind and Body connect”

Learning Simplified

Hi, I had a wonderful time conducting an interactive workshop on Experiential learning and Art integrated learning with the teachers of Oxford School, Chopda which is in District Jalgaon, Maharashtra. The teachers were interested, presented their assignments within the stipulated time and were hungry for more. Another appreciable point: The principal and the co-ordinator satContinue reading “Learning Simplified”

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