Buzz groups as a technique to develop socio-emotional learning

One of the main thrust areas of the New Education Policy is social and emotional learning (SEL). This is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feeland show empathy towards others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. SEL can be viewed as aContinue reading “Buzz groups as a technique to develop socio-emotional learning”

ECE Conference

Finland has been the forerunner of best Educational Practices in the world. The Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland had invited videos and ideas of working from various schools and it gives us immense pride to inform you that Our school – Pawar Public School Kandivali, has been shortlisted as one the 8 schools from IndiaContinue reading “ECE Conference”

A Study on classroom Management…

Nov 10, 2018 – JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT. Multi-disciplinary …. Dr. Pramila Kudva. 374. A STUDY ON classroom Management… Vol-8, No.16, December 2018.

Inducing Transformation

As a schoolteacher and as a school principal, I have been trying several experiments – albeit on a miniscule manner to make the children become independent thinkers. I must say there have not been many takers to this concept. Year 1989. I had just joined as a teacher in one of the reputed schools ofContinue reading “Inducing Transformation”

Memory – What was I saying? Come Again!

Have you wondered why you remember a few things that happened long ago but forget things that happened recently? Memory is a very complex system and the subject of research in multiple disciplines. The focus of Attention can be somewhat compared to the function of  a spotlight. A child’s attention span starts out brief, butContinue reading “Memory – What was I saying? Come Again!”

Summer learning loss

LONG HOLIDAYS CAN MAKE STUDENTS FORGET THEIR PAST LESSONS. DR PRAMILA KUDVA OFFERS TIPS ON REDUCING THE LEARNING LOSS. Parents are often worried about a decline in their child’s academic ability after long school holidays. Recently, I received an email from a concerned parent requesting a change in the academic calendar; she feared that her child wouldContinue reading “Summer learning loss”

Struggles with Reading

Reading is a cornerstone for subsequent skills, and it relies mostly on how human memory works. The short-term memory as the name suggests holds only a few items for a very brief period of time. To comprehend a sentence, children must be able to decode it in about 12 seconds. To understand lengthy texts, studentsContinue reading “Struggles with Reading”

Useful websites

Activities for kids The San Diego Zoo – Explore the zoo from the comfort of your home Tour Yellowstone National Park! AllChoose your virtual tour and get adventuring Explore Mars on the Curiosity RoverAllCheck out the surface of Mars from your desktop! Indoor Activities for ToddlersToddlers40+ ideas to keep your toddler busyContinue reading “Useful websites”

Contextual and constructive learning The educationists around the globe are constantly searching for newer techniques that lead to holistic learning. One of them is contextual learning.  What is Contextual learning?  Contextual learning takes place when a context is presented to the students. Dictionary defines a context as the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede orContinue reading “Contextual and constructive learning”

Eclectic learning space

Pramila Kudva, Eclectic learning Spaces, Teacher, Volume 13, Number 3, July – September 2019, Page 30 The “school” meaning “place of instruction” comes from the Latin “scola,” itself derived from the Greek “skhole,” meaning “lecture or discussion.” Interestingly, that Greek “skhole” originally meant “leisure, free time.” The Japanese word for school, gakuen, means “learning garden” or “garden of learning”. Kindergarten is aContinue reading “Eclectic learning space”

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