How to motivate students?

Tom was an intelligent and sensitive seventh-grader. He was a backbencher who could be called an Outsider. One day, his teacher told the class that his assignment was the best in the class. That day Tom came home and did his homework quietly and told his mom that school was fun. How did this happen?Continue reading “How to motivate students?”

Extending well – being Conversation Episode 2 The link gives the insight into how to ensure that the well being of the kids in school is taken care off. Dr. Pramila Kudva is interviewed by Tanvi from Carpedium. the talk covers thee following: what is well being? what are the problems faced by the children and the ways to handle them;Continue reading “Extending well – being Conversation Episode 2”

A satisfying November 2021

I completed the 7-lecture series with ABEA today December 4, 2021. I covered the following chapters: Communication, Problem tree to a Solution tree, Project method of learning, Digital story boarding, questioning skills, SEL, Inclusion and Multicultural Education by James Bank. They were enjoyable sessions. A few pics to remember by; Here is what they saidContinue reading “A satisfying November 2021”

Hampi the Capital of Vijaynagara Empire

I always wanted to visit Hampi. It was on my bucket list. The opportunity came my way this time. I have captured a few main points and uplpoaded the mp4 on youtube. IT is an UNESCO Heritage site. Here is the link for you to enjoy liistening in. Dont forget to subscribe.

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