Perceptions of Stress

It is fashionable to talk of the stress encountered in the workplace. But, what is understood by the term is not always clear. In this paper the general boundaries of current thinking about stress are outlined. The findings are reported from a survey of Primary school Heads of Mumbai. Published in New Era in Education,Continue reading “Perceptions of Stress”

Contextual and constructive learning The educationists around the globe are constantly searching for newer techniques that lead to holistic learning. One of them is contextual learning.  What is Contextual learning?  Contextual learning takes place when a context is presented to the students. Dictionary defines a context as the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede orContinue reading “Contextual and constructive learning”

Eclectic learning space

Pramila Kudva, Eclectic learning Spaces, Teacher, Volume 13, Number 3, July – September 2019, Page 30 The “school” meaning “place of instruction” comes from the Latin “scola,” itself derived from the Greek “skhole,” meaning “lecture or discussion.” Interestingly, that Greek “skhole” originally meant “leisure, free time.” The Japanese word for school, gakuen, means “learning garden” or “garden of learning”. Kindergarten is aContinue reading “Eclectic learning space”

Learning Moments

After nearly, thirteen years of looking after the home front, I decided to step out as a career woman. I underwent a training course to equip myself for the job of a teacher and got one too.  The first week was a trying period. A science lesson was in progress. Suddenly, one of the bright sparksContinue reading “Learning Moments”

Connectionism Simplified

The learning theory of Thorndike (connectionism) represents the original Stimulus – Response [S-R] connectionism: Learning is the result of associations formed between stimuli and responses. Habits are formed as a result of such S-R associations. What are the educational implications of this theory? 1. The law of exercise emphasizes practice in learning. The educational strategiesContinue reading “Connectionism Simplified”

Unforgettable teacher

Unlike most, my memorable moments of an unforgettable teacher are from the B.Ed college. It was the year 1985. I had decided to focus on my career after a hiatus of 15 long years. It was the time to write an entrance test. I was nervous. While others were busy writing, I was busy pacingContinue reading “Unforgettable teacher”

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