Relate Science teaching to the affective domain.

Science teaching is not restricted to the cognitive domain. The emphasis of teaching-learning of science has to go beyond merely learning of concepts. How does one do this? It is represented in the graphic given below: To know more about this check out chapter 3 of the book From Chalk to Talk The art ofContinue reading “Relate Science teaching to the affective domain.”

Rubrics of Assessment

How would you assess the life skills of a student? It might be a part of the formative assessment but cannot be evaluated quantitatively. What you need is a rubric. In education terminology, a rubric is a scoring tool used to evaluate performance, a product, or a project. It has three parts: 1) performance criteria;Continue reading “Rubrics of Assessment”

Teacher – A Super Hero

  ‘I believe that no one can teach you how to act, but schools do give you an environment to make mistakes, to learn techniques and to learn professionalism’. Enrico Colantoni The Principles of professionalism a. Integrity: b. Commitment c. Role efficacy d. Content and pedagogical competence e. Student development f. Relationships with students IsContinue reading “Teacher – A Super Hero”

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