I am ‘Magic’

I decided to look at the journey of my life at different stages. I realized I am ‘Magic’ as my kids would say!

Magic in marriage: I have been married 50 + years. On 22nd was my birthday. I was given a surprise by my husband. He coordinated with my secretary and sent a huge cake to school. Magic it is. I always try to remember the Pygmalion Effect: It has taken me 50 years but better late than never.

Magic at work: There have been so many ex- students who have been in touch. I have had my students admitting their children in the same school. I have had the privilege of teaching them as a teacher and subsequently as a principal. At one of the airports, I was waiting at the carousel for my bag. When I reached for my bag, one long hand reaches from over my head and picks up the bag and a smiley face looks down at me.

Mustafa, I said, you were one of those bright sparks but naughty who asked perennial questions. Those were not Google time. The teacher was still considered a repository of knowledge.

To which Mustafa replied, All my friends still remember you as a teacher who patiently answered all the questions raised by the students. One of my students has written to me to say that she is studying to be a teacher. So many of my students have become principals. I have spread the magic potion around. I have been invited to the wedding of one of my students. The entire batch of students were invited to the wedding by the groom! I was treated like the queen of England.

Magic with my kids:  I have a tendency to refer to all my students as my kids. I have never raised my hands on my children. Studying was never a problem because, Mommy was also studying along with them. I instilled in them a love for reading.

But, Magic is surreal. I should be practical and look for an opportunity to spin the magic of words around me. Yes, thank you, take care, love you, I am with you, don’t worry leave it to me , I believe in you, I am willing to listen if you want to speak, are some of those magical potions.

Published by Dr. Pramila Kudva

I am a teacher educator currently worrking as a Principal of a reputed school in North Mumbai, have more than 30 years of experience, with several publications to my credit and have authored a book -"From chalk to Talk The Art of Teaching.

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