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To make Mathematics easier

Keeping in perspective the fear of mathematics that is found among the children, it is necessary to plan school mathematics in such a way that children enjoy learning of mathematics. Understanding when and how a mathematical technique is to be used is always more important than recalling the technique from memory.

From Rote learning to Independent learning

The current Education is the legacy of the British. They did not want our people to develop reasoning, critical thinking and such higher-order thinking skills. To ensure that Indians continue to serve the biggest empire in the world.

Check it out. I have kept it short intentionally. Do let me know what you think.

Embracing the culture of life long education

On 6th September, I had the opportunity to speak on ‘Embracing the culture of life long learning’ under  the aegis of Metamorphosis.

Visit the link to learn more.

Embracing the Culture of Education

Education was intricately woven into the fabric of Ancient Indian ethos. The impetus given to learning seems to have lost in focus somewhere. The NEP 2020 hopefully reverse the change. Presnting the paper presented on the Metamorphosis platform. on September 14, 2023.

Indian School of thought in the NCF – Part 1

Ancient Indians had clear conceptions on what is valuable in education. Language and mathematics were seen as two eyes through which we make sense of the world.

Let me present a quote which is an English translation from the ancient Tamil Poet Tiruvalluvar

The twain that lore of numbers and of letters give

Are eyes, the wise declare, to all on earth that live

– Translation, G.U. Pope

This is true  even after two thousand years after this verse was written!

Traditional Indian Education and Kolb’s Experiential model

Panchakosha Vikas (Five-fold Development) – A keystone in Indian tradition.

This is a sequel to the earlier posts wherein I had compared the pramanas with the current pedagogical techniques. In this post I shall be dealing with the panchakoshas and the overall development of an individual. I have compared the Panchakoshas to the development in early childhood.

Surface Learning is a necessity. It is this learning that leads to deep learning. This article contains an activity that takes one from surface learning to deep learning.

Deep learning takes us from Lower-level thinking to higher-level thinking like analysis, creativity, and beyond. If the Physical education teacher knows how many kids in the primary have flat feet, it would be deep learning.

Mind and Body Connection – Part 2. Each child should be able to explore and discover, thereby developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Mind and Body Connect – Part 1. Is action contingent upon the reactions of the brain or mind? Is the brain different from the mind? Are they one and the same? Read to find out. This is an article presented at the Education Conclave of Metamorphosis on May 13, 2023.

What do effective teachers love? – the teachers love for the subject and the students are dealt with herein.

Learning process Demystified – how to make the students become independent learners.

Monkey with wooden apples deals with CLear the cobwebs. Let go of those thoughts that weigh you down. Let go of the EGO. Open your heart and build bridges.

An eternal learner – the Teacher. the lockdown during COVID was not applicable to the teacher.



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