Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo I believe is loosely woven around the 8 marriages and 7 husbands of Elizabeth Taylor.

It speaks about the same-sex relationships which were perhaps hidden in the closet at the time the story was being told. It boldly discusses the travails of a woman in the Hollywood behind the scenes. The beauty of Evelyn makes the men look at her lustily but she has a marriage where she gets beaten up by her husband. Harry the good old friend is always dependable.

Why does she ask a young unknown journalist to write her biography? The mystery is resolved at the end. The style of writing is lucid. The book was a little lengthy. A. slightly smaller number of pages would have made it crisper and easy to read.

Published by Dr. Pramila Kudva

I am a teacher educator currently worrking as a Principal of a reputed school in North Mumbai, have more than 30 years of experience, with several publications to my credit and have authored a book -"From chalk to Talk The Art of Teaching.

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