Teacher Effectiveness in the classroom


Teacher Effectiveeness in the classroom

The talk was very well recieved. Check out the youtube. https://youtu.be/v1aMYNZqTMc


Feedback on the talk

Today’s Adharshila talk was wonderful and inspirational one. The ideas on experiential learning was wonderful ( RAFT) ,stories that maam shared were inspiring.

Thank you ma’am😊🙏🏻


The session was packed with many learnings and many experiences for mulling over.

Ma’am’s each word was filled with immense knowledge.

The take aways are: 1)communication, connect,care and collaboration

2) Empowerment of the teachers and upskilling is needed.

3) Experiential learning is a must to connect to the real world

4)Praise the efforts and not just the talent

5)The COACH technique

6)Being kind and mindful

She had an exuberant personality that touched our lives with heart-piercing anecdotes.

A big thank you to Pramila Ma’am for  gifting us this worth remembering session!

Thank you!🙏🏻

A thought provoking session indeed!

The techniques for being an effective teacher was very well explained by Ma’am with wonderful, heart-touching examples and stories.

Today’s Adarshila Talk was very inspiring . Teaching should be effective and qualitative. Stories shared by ma’am were very motivating and boost our confidence with pride.Thoughts of four  Cs,experiential learning and playway method ,outdoor learning all these are essentials and inseparable part of our teaching.

Thought provoking talk.

Thank you ma’am.

The session was absolutely informative. From the beginning till the end Ma’am was reminding us about our potential. DR. Pramila was inspired us by giving apt examples and teachings such as 4Cs- Collect, Care, Compassion and Collaboration. She also motivated us to open mindset for always learning attitude, upskilling ourselves,  growth oriented mindset. She also showed the negative points which we must overcome like comfort oriented mindset, following old teaching traditions without learning new skills and adding creativity.

Throughout the Talk Ma’am was truly energetic and lively. She spread positive vibes amongst us. I’m definitely going to follow the learnings which I have received from today’s Aadharshila Talk.


Thank you Ma’am

Today’s session was very enlightening. Pramila ma’am’s energy and enthusiasm was amazing.

There are 4C ‘s for an effective teaching- Care, Connect, Collaborate and Communicate.

Being a teacher, we should be careful before making perceptions ( especially about students). Our perceptions can build up believes and believes decides our actions.

Connecting topics to the real world is important for the better understanding.

Real stories shared by ma’am were very inspiring.

Thank you.

Today’s session was very interactive and informative.

Both the stories shared by ma’am were very touching and motivating through which ma’am explained  the concept of  effective teacher.

The concept of 4 Cs -collect, care, collaboration, compassion where explained by giving relevant examples.

She  said that teachers can learn and upgrade themselves only when are interested to  upgrade their knowledge and skills.

It’s very for important as a teacher to have learning attitude, growth mindset.

Thanking ma’am for sharing her wisdom in such a simple manner.

Thank you ma’am🙏🏻

Dr pramila ma’am talked very well about Effectiveness of teachers in a classroom, challenges of effectiveness and factors affecting it.She said teachers should be kind, flexible and adaptive for new way of teaching.By using life cycle of a butterfly she said that parents are   not ready to take their children out of the comfort zone.If children are kept in a comfort zone for long time it will cause a negative impact in their capacities..The work she and her team done near her school is quite appreciable that reflects what education should result in the society.Ma’am also pointed one thing that we should go to mindset of each child and work on it .Empowerment RAFT RAFT,  SQ4R are the highlighters i got om this session.For me her addarshila talk…


Today’s session was very informative and interesting . Through the session   , I was just keenly waiting for the life-related real stories,  what will be the next one.

All Stories taught some lesson that what should be the perspective when we teach,

The 4Cs  and RAFT techniques were very well explained with lots of life lessons ( connect , care , compassion, collaboration)

The definition of effective teacher, self study  techniques-SQ4Rs(survey. Question , reading relate. Reciting , review)  are very well  explained and many more points in a very simple way

The session was so interesting and extremely  waiting to hear more from Dr Pramila ma’am. Thank you ma’am for the lovely opportunity to learn from such an impressive speaker through Adhaarshila talk 🙏


Today’s  session was very engaging, motivating  and  knowledgeable.

In a beautiful way Ma’am explained RAFT technique,concept of 4C’s, think pair share strategy (SQ4R)stages of Team formation which is relatable in many ways. Got lot to learn from maam today.

Thank you🙏

Today’s session was informative. Ma’am very well explained the importance of connecting with the community. Good examples through life-related stories.When we make any statement related a child be careful.

Thank you.

An enriching session by Pramila Ma’am. The teaching techniques explained by ma’am was very effective. Being teacher we should always be flexible and adapt the new ways of teaching.

Thank you Ma’am for this lovely session. 🌸

Namaste🙏🏼 mam and RRIS Team WhatsApp Mavericks 💫


– I liked 4 fundamentals of teaching of connect, care, collaboration and compassion by Pramila mam.


– I liked her honesty about the teachers borrowing lectures to finish portion and after years; many teachers’ experience still remains the same

Quite a resonating factor for many whom I know.

– it was good to know about the Challenged faced which included curriculum, staff development, behaviour, reading and quality assurance – these are factored in after her decades of experience yet so pertinent even 2021, as I type this(till date)!

– Teacher students relationship consists of openness, trust, care, interdependence, mutual satisfaction. The example of shabbily dressed student really hit the nail for …

Namaste Ma’am🙏🏻

A really insightful session by ma’am. The concept of 4 C’s for effective teaching (Connect, care, compassion, collaboration) should be developed. Teachers surely need to upgrade themselves for the challenges to be faced by them. A teacher has to be an alert role model for her students. Child-centered education is the basis of quality education. Listen to both the sides of the coin before coming to any conclusion. The role of a teacher has changed. Teacher has now become a coach/facilitator to guide students in right direction. A wonderful session by ma’am indeed.


Namaste ma’am,

There was alot to take away from today’s session from Parmila ma’am. The main take away was the 4 C’s  of care, compassion,Connect and collabration and Raft techinique and SQ4R was very well related and connected to us. Also not to be judgemental and always hear the other side considering the two sides of coin.thanks to ma’am.🙏🌸


Namaste ma’am 🙏,

Today’s session by Dr Pramila ma’am was really useful for me.From her talk I learned how a teacher should be and not to be.Her pleasant and energetic presentation is the most important thing to be taken in teaching.A teacher should be the most lovable and understanding person to children.The best quality a teacher must inculcate is adaptation to the environment.Ma’am herself is reflection of all these qualities and one could experience it through the session.I learned a lot from this ‘well experienced energetic young lady.


Thankyou 🙏

 Namaste Ma’am🙏

Today’s session was wonderful. Ma’am gave many insights to teaching techniques which involves students making learning experiences interesting.

The different techniques 4C’s, SQ4R, Think pair share, RAFT fir experiential learning, GROW are all very interesting.

We should encourage the students to be independent learners. I liked and totally agree to Don’t praise the talent, praise the effort.

Empowerment of the teachers in involving them in decision making and open door policy.

Overall the session was enriching and interesting with her real life experiences.

Thank you 🙏


Namaste Ma’am,

Dr. Pramila is a very enlightened speaker.

Key takeaways from today’s session were:

Empower the teacher.

A teacher who teaches with confidence, gives confidence to the kids.

There should be a mutual understanding between students and teachers.

We must go from the problem to the solution.

Involved and integrated learning are the ways forward.

One concept can be taught through all the subjects to help students really learn it well.

Praise the effort

Sense of humour and being kind to oneself are very important.

Thank you 🙏🏻



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