Rubrics of Assessment

How would you assess the life skills of a student?

It might be a part of the formative assessment but cannot be evaluated quantitatively. What you need is a rubric. In education terminology, a rubric is a scoring tool used to evaluate performance, a product, or a project. It has three parts:

1) performance criteria;

2) rating scale;

3) indicators.

These dimensions are generally referred to as criteria, the rating scale as levels, and indicators as descriptors.

To learn more about this check out chapter 3 of the book From Chalk to Talk The art of teaching.

Published by Dr. Pramila Kudva

I am a teacher educator currently worrking as a Principal of a reputed school in North Mumbai, have more than 30 years of experience, with several publications to my credit and have authored a book -"From chalk to Talk The Art of Teaching.

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